Monday, August 25, 2008

Che not Guevera !

Now why am i doing this? But since promise breakers are shoemakers and thats not what my Mommy would want me to be , i better go ahead with this one.

Heres to Che, this piece.

Now before you guys start writing a comment without reading the entire piece lemme ensure you something.You are as much lost on the topic as i am. I dont know the guy i am writing about in this piece as much as you dont. But then,when you are impulsive on a stupid Monday afternoon at office,you tend to do crazy things.But write about a guy who you havent met? Well.

There are some faces of strangers that we would love to try.At present, for me, its Che. Well, if you are thinking of the Cuban rebel Che Guevera, I pity your strong history basics. The namesake Che i am talking about stays at Mumbai, circa 2008, does copywriting for money,less money he would say, and sniffing around lifes' gullies for pleasure. Women,all about women, quiz, destiny,rains, rollingstones,mermaid, wine,counterstrike, old monk, popcorn and love-hate are some of the prominent topics/tagwords in his blogs. Undressing and cute guys, i missed out on. WTF!!! Even that.

Now why do i spend a precious jobless office afternoon on a dude i know nothing about when i could have prepared myself for the table pe chai at 2 pm with a quick post lunch nap? Well, opinion poll inside my mind all throughout the afternoon reveals that 15% of my grey cells feel that i have nothing better to do, a tiny 1% says the recent gay march in Mumbai is working inside me, 4% of them say because i have promised him this piece, 7.8% say that henceforth he will be sweetly conquered to write nice comments on my blog, but a wholesome 72.2% say that somehow this guy comes across as a very different entity from the usual dog-inside-the-man public ! He is the only man-inside-the-dog bloke i know. And sau takka original.

Well, jokes apart, he is really funny. Picture this, the phrases he uses,.."I was as confident as the Indian government in the no confidence vote".Or this para,"So you all have been wondering where is the blog I had promised at the end of my last post? Well here it is! And why wasn’t it here before? Because I was too sore and tired. And why was I so sore and tired? Gah! Do your questions ever end?
Well first I need to answer another question from my last blog. In it I had mentioned some shopping I had done which I promised to explain later. Well here is the explanation. The shopping was done for socks, training shoes and a supporter. What is a supporter you ask? Erm it’s the male equivalent of a bra, except its much smaller and worn much further down.
So why the shoes, socks and the supporter? Isn’t it so obviously silly? I have joined a gym. A what you say? A gym you moron! Grrr. Now stop laughing and get off the floor!"

This is Che. And his cool WTF approach to life. Simple. Hassle free. A complete no no-nonsense . Bad times seem to melt away like blueberry topings inside the mouth.Effortless. I mean, seriously, no ones escaped life alive. So why worry about it anyways! And junta like Che use this simple "spending money on a boob job and coming back with the same boobs. I mean what’s the point" logic effectively to leverage on lifes funny moments and make it bearable! Shopping, popcorn, wine, weekends, friends,beer, computer games,movies, masti, crap,more crap,and even more crap...pleasant references to live life by. Somehow Che,you leave me with that feeling everytime . And I can go on about this piece, but then, why spend words when all that is needed to describe you is a plain Whatevrrrrrrr!:)

This is to life's good times.And you,Che.


You guys, catch his writings at

And Che, that would be 100$ on you for the service!


Still thinking said...

You did him complete justice Surya :)
And as I very well know the dude will read this 'glorified' post, I just hope he'll still stand at 6.2' :p

aastha said...

i think chai at 2 at marketing wld have been a gud job to do while at ur job!

Sree said...

$100 for reading good things about you, Che.Preferably in kind.

Hi Surya,I like the photos you have put up here.Did you click it?

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

@still thinking, aha? les c...
@aastha, i think not:)

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

@sree,thanks for stopping by.some of the pics i have clicked, and some, not.

gargi said...

Impressive surya.Impressed che.

Bubbly Vodka said...

Lol. I like his random WTFs too.

Oxy said...

Yes indeed. Have read Che and the thing that pulled me there was the name 'Che'. Not that I was looking for Guevara boy on blog, it was more of a curiosity to know what possible someone who names himself 'Che' writes as Guevara in actual sense is also known for the diaries he kept writing on his intriguing journeys. I know I am just blabbering here.

Btw, better you hyperlink his blog which you have mentioned in the end.

Gulshan said...

Cool man.. you have made Che famous overnite.:-)I hope some part of that 100$ reaches you... just kiddin..

Che said...


Haha I cant believe you actually did it.
I love it. This is actually what we do at work for some clients. ORM aka online reputation management.


I still stand at 6'0" :P. I dont wear 2 inch stilletos.


Work at work? what a silly idea!


You can collect it from my bank in zimbabwe :D




They are not that random. A good amount of thought process goes into them :P


Ha I tricked you too! But hope you werent disappointed :P


ahem I am famous already :P
But he is doing ORM for me :)

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

Impulsive unplugged it was! Glad u liked it.

mystiquedew said...

hey...yup! my tryst with Che is all of 3-4 blogs, I guess..

But he is sure is super cool :) :)

Very sweet of u Surya :) :)

Paradox Philic said...

Hmmm Che, one lucky dude u r!!

**silently wondering what would make Surya (or anyone who volunteers :P) write about her in his blog****

Che said...


Just 3-4???? who will clear the backlog huh? Come on educate yourself ;)


Aww. Dear all you have to do is ask :P

Alvia said...

hey jus den had saw ur comment..i find by now even u r a member of itz all d way open 4 ur 2 contribute me if u wanna know nythin more...

d SINNER!!! said...

Discovered a blogger called Che just yesterday night and this morning I find this...Che Che all over the place...

The tint of sarcasm he serves his write-ups with, I really like that!

descrying the shadows said...

he he .. liked ur blog .. the way u write reminds me of a very dear friend of mine b.rolling you

Santanu....... said...

nice one.......keep it up....;)

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

what a description for someone u've never met.
che sure is so diff. from all others.
His random sayings ..i just love them.

Che said...

aww so much love all around for me :)

now now its time you wrote again. this isnt your swansong :P

Spectator said...

I awarded your blog, check this Brilliant Weblog Award.

Supernova said...

Hey even i awarded u wid this brilliante weblog award :)

aastha said...

did u stop bloggin or am i missin something??????????? long time buddy!

Shanky said...

dude... loong time.. wake up

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hyd said...

Brilliant stuff!