Thursday, July 31, 2008

Short is sweet!

Haikus are special poems originally from Japan which are known for their brevity, punch and having this distinctive ability to ring a bell in your mental silence and let you waltz in that cling for long lonely afternoons thereafter.. here i go with a couple of mine..


You still hurt.


5 am.
faraway trucks roar.
in the pitter patter of the downpour.
The tea stall radio sings
Along the bicycle bell clings.
Thud. The newspaper all wet.
You pull over the blanket.
Its Sunday.


Long after the storm.
The tree remained


Hiding my thoughts
At the back of the moon
hoping that
no one will find it there.
but it ditches me.
every night.


The last of the whisky over.
And the stones all into the pond.
The end of happiness.
The beginning of peace.



aastha said...

i knw u can do better buddy! d 'love' one still hurts!! :)

gargi said...

i loved this work. new and old, i could smell both.i loved the last one the most. amazing.

Shaurya said...

One thing i adore your posts for is the essence of experimentation. Look at them, poems, prose, politics, haikus... the whole writers range in it. Dude. rocking haikus.Astha might not have been able to appreicate becoz he/she is too much into conventional poetries of rhymes. Haikus are like these only and these are some of the finest.

Che said...

Nice attempt dude.
Though these cant be classified as haikus because of the 5/7/5 rule but the other characteristics are pretty much there :)

Shaurya said...

@che, these are called later period haikus.. a post modernist challenge to the original typos, right surya?

Shaurya said...

@che, these are called later period haikus.. a post modernist challenge to the original typos, right surya?

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

@all, thanks!
@shaurya, is it? i didnt know yaar... i just made my own deviations...:)

Medusa said...

'Long after the storm.
The tree remained

Nupur said...

Wow!! i loved these!! esp the love one!!

pallav said...

All though much of the things are said but i still liked the secret part, that was fantastic.. but i dont think love hurts wasnt right...

VV said...

Very good one. Liked the Relationship haiku.

D writer said...

brilliant ...

Rajlakshmi said...

lovely ones... but I wonder if they can be classified as Haiku's... they have a specific format ... 5/7/5 syllable count...
Haiku's describe nature while senryu describe human feelings ... though I haven't much about later period haikus ... :)

arpit said...

hey really, short is sweet!!! Loved the way in which you were able to express these ineffable emotions in just a few lines... lot of ppl would end up writing an article but still fail...:)

swati venkatraman said...

This is a masterpiece!